Best Value Capacitive Stickers

Capacitive Stickers

Capacitive Stickers are an innovative solution to an old problem faced by Smartphone and other touch screen users. This issue is one of convince, and the fact that most touch screen devices do not work, or respond to commands when you are wearing gloves.  The phones are likely designed to be this a sensitive to the touch of fabric to reduce instances of pocket dialing, which was always a problem with button based devices.

These capacitive stickers are lightweight and designed to be attached to your gloves, thus allowing you to interact with your Smartphone while wearing your gloves. A particularly effective solution to the problem of having to freeze your hands every time you want to make a call or send a text message. Capacitive stickers are also less expensive than a pair of capacitive touchscreen gloves. However, their drawback is they’re just a little bit more noticeable, depending on the colour of your gloves. If the pair of gloves you are using is black, then you are probably in luck in terms of hiding the stickers. However, if they are multi colored rainbow gloves, you will notice you are wearing them.

Many people would insist it is absolutely unnecessary to have capacitive stickers on your gloves. However, it takes two hands to put on a pair of gloves. If you need your bare finger to turn on your iPhone in order to take a call, your hands will have to remain exposed to the elements for the duration of the call. If it is an important call, you could be putting yourself at risk for frostbite. Further, they are also convenient and easy to use on drive through ATM’s, touch screen fuel pumps, and your GPS, which is most often programmed on a cold morning inside your cold car. In short capacitive stickers are an innovative, quick, and affordable solution to the problem of freezing hands while operating your touch screen Smartphone.