Making a Manga for a Pest Control Company

Pest Control

Manga is one of the leading comedy books in the world today. Ultimate Pest Control Services company contacted us early this month to create a Manga book that is based on what they do. Their main objective is to use to market their products and services to customers. We immediately took the deal and arranged a meeting to discuss all the details. Basically, the company wanted a manga that described their proven pest control services to customers in a language that is easy to understand and engaging.


Our team got down to work and developed an interesting story that revolved around a baking company that had for years been struggling to get rid of rats from their premises. We worked smart to include a dedicated section that described how the manager contacted the company and requested for their commercial pest control service package.

Story Line

The company sent its most highly qualified personnel to the client’s premises within two days. The baking company had to close shop for three days as the personnel worked. The main essence for doing this was to ensure that their operations do not interfere with normal running of the bakery. The smart pest control experts completed the project before the set time line and called in the company official to check if the work was satisfactory.

Benefits of Manga

One of the benefits of using Manga for marketing is that it helps to paint a positive image of the company to prospective customers. Most of the modern customers are more comfortable dealing with a business whose personnel are outgoing and friendly. It is very easy to paint such a positive image by using Manga. The cartoon figures that we will create will enable you to describe your services in a more engaging , easy to understand, and fun way. You cannot achieve the same exposure and popularity if you use the conventional methods of marketing.

Another main advantage is that Manga is close to the hearts of many people, hence by using it, you will increase your market base almost instantly.


We completed creating the manga within two weeks and sent it to the company for approval. It took them just one day to go through the book and after deliberation they agreed to purchase and use it as promotion material. Up to date, they have managed to issue it to over one thousands clients and promised to order more.