The Different Types Of Manga Genre

Manga Genre

Manga is one of the most popular Japanese way of making comedy books. Just like the comic books, there are different genres used to classify this form of artistic work. Here is a brief outlook at these genres and their definitions.


This is a genre name that is used to describe manga books that target the young male enthusiasts. One of the highlights that you can use to identify books that use this genre is the content. It is created from the point of view of a male character who is at his adolescent stage. Some of the common topics that are discussed include sports, horror, romance, adventure, and the list continues. Simply put, it is more focused on alluring, robust, and violent characters.


This name is used to describe manga that revolves around love and intimacy. Most of the characters are at some point violent as they try to protect their lovers from enemies or competitors. It is also important to point out that this genre is not widely used due to the government regulations that in Japan and other conservative countries.


This genre is totally different from the previous two that we have discussed. This is because the artists target to capture the attention of adult women and men. This does not mean that the stories are not in line with unmarried people, no, college students can as well relate to the content as the theme and content is very mature.